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Meet the Doers of Rescue Ranch

by Kittrina Thompson

Every day, doers are stepping up and doing more. More for their community. More for the people around them. More for the world. 4‑H continues its celebration of doers, shining a light on kids who, through their daily actions, passions, and knowledge, inspire us all.

Meet the doers of ‘Rescue Ranch’, a fictional ranch and the setting of the Netflix original series, Ponysitters Club, and learn how even these make-believe characters are inspiring kindness on the show and inspiring us in real life.


Skye lives on Rescue Ranch, where she shares a natural connection with the horses of the farm. Because of Skye’s experience with being teased for her learning disability, she too sometimes has a feeling of brokenness, just like the rescued animals she cares for. Her dyslexia makes her look at problems in a very outside-the-box way, which helps in coming up with ideas to help the rescued animals.


As Skye’s best friend and fellow Rescue Ranch volunteer, Olivia is Skye’s biggest supporter. She often helps Skye with her schoolwork when she sees her friend is struggling. Other times, she admiring her friend’s fearlessness.


A regular volunteer at the ranch, Trish is always plugged into digital and social media. This interest allows her to take the lead in online fundraising, public outreach, and managing the Ponysitters Club website.


Ethan is a bit more reserved than the other volunteers, but his work on the ranch helps him with his confidence, as well as improve his time management. He’s a great photographer and visual artist, so he takes on the responsibility of creating the marketing and promotional materials for the club.


Isabella is originally from Brazil and gets a little help from Skye when it comes to making new friends and getting accustomed to her new life in America. Her love for horses and willingness to be hands-on when caring for them helps her fit right in.


An avid riding competitor, Shelby rents out a stable at the ranch for her horse, Apollo. As a member of the “Pony Owners” Club, her passion for equine does not go unnoticed, frequently talking about it to the kids.


Kyle is Olivia’s cousin and loves getting involved at the ranch. Initially being nervous around horses, the volunteers help him understand them and becomes a lover of the animal.

Did you know that kids can become a real member of the Ponysitters Club? Learn how to join and be sure to inspire your kids to be doers by downloading the 4‑H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide!