Native American Heritage Month

By National 4-H Council November 14, 2022

During Native American Heritage month, and all year long, 4-H celebrates the resilience of Native American youth, their unique heritage and the intricately woven fabric of their culture. Connecting families to impactful opportunities through tradition and history, 4-H supports the effort to restore, revive and strengthen the fibers of indigenous cultures across the country. #Thisis4H 

Celebrate the Rich Traditions

A proud member and confident representative of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Tashina Red Hawk, the 2022 Youth in Action Agriculture winner sponsored by Bayer, embodies the grace and knowledge of those who have raised, guided and helped her become the nurturing and centered person she is. Respecting all of Creation and believing that we are created equally, Tashina believes animals are sacred and have an innate ability to help and heal a person during a time of need. Able to live and learn on the land of her ancestors, Tashina applies the ethics, determination and morals she's gained from 4-H to her volunteer work at her community's animal clinic, where she's found her passion for vet science. 4-H has not only given her tools for her future, but a voice to share her sacred heritage and the resolve to give back to her deserving community. Read more. 

Navajo Nation

Window Rock, AZ, the capital of the Navajo Nation- a region filled with unparalleled beauty and people who have long called that area home. Follow along as we travel to the Navajo Nation Fair and learn more about how the Navajo Nation 4-H Program plays a role in the daily lives of the Navajo people.

Dylan is a 4-H'er who loves the sense of community the program provides, and the lessons it has taught her about independence and responsibility.

Rochelle is a 4-H Leader and Mom who sees 4-H as a tool to teach kids the life skills they need going into adulthood, as well as an opportunity to invest in their own future from the profits they make by auctioning off their projects.

Roxanne Lee is a 4-H leader and Mom. As a 4-H alum herself, she views the program as an extension of her own community, and central to teaching kids the resiliency and independence needed to move into adulthood.