Reliving the Excitement of STEM Month

By _Amaya_Collins_ November 11, 2020

In October, we celebrated 4‑H STEM Month with exciting, informative, and interactive STEM events and content. Here’s everything you may have missed and how you can relive the excitement.

The Main Event: 4‑H STEM Challenge

We went to Mars and back with the 2020 4‑H STEM Challenge, Mars Base Camp, where we learned all about the red planet and what it takes to plan a mission. Kits are still available for purchase at Shop 4‑H, so anytime is a good time for a Mars mission!

Fun with the Science Guy

We launched STEM Month by announcing our 4‑H STEM Challenge Ambassador, Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society and popularly known as the Science Guy! The science expert hosted a fun Mars Base Camp Trivia Challenge with a group of 4‑H’ers, and shared space facts throughout the month. Rewatch and test your space knowledge.

STEM in the Community

We partnered with several organizations to bring STEM learning to more kids and communities everywhere through additional 4‑H STEM Challenge Kit distributions to communities and groups across the country. Thank you to Afterschool Alliance, American Camp Association, American Library Association, First Book, Imagine Science, and NASA.

4‑H STEM At-Home Video Series

We kept the STEM momentum throughout the month by offering video interviews, tutorials, and career profiles. Here are just a few of the videos released:

Check out more videos in the 4‑H STEM Challenge YouTube playlist!

NASA Scientists Answer Space Questions

We caught up with scientists Brian Day and Emily Law, two members of NASA’s Solar System Treks Project, for a live Facebook Q&A! They answered questions about Space, life on other planets, what it’s like working at NASA, and more. Check out the Q&A and learn from the space experts!

Want More Space?

Because we didn’t want the learning—and fun—to end, we recently introduced an exciting 4‑H at Home experience, 4‑H Space Exploration! Brought to you by Texas A&M University and Utah State University Extension, the new destination explores the wonders of Space with easy at-home experiments and short educational instructional videos.

So, What Did You Think?

If you got a Mars Base Camp kit, we want to know what you thought! Share your experience and what you hope to see in a future 4‑H STEM Challenge. The first 250 respondents will receive $10 off their next purchase of $20 or more at Shop 4‑H.