Thaddeus Hughes: Inspiring Youth to Reach Higher

By Thaddeus Hughes May 11, 2016

It feels fulfilling to be selected as the Youth in Action STEM Pillar award winner, sponsored by HughesNet. After years of learning, fun, and hard work, it is a great honor for the merits of my accomplishments as a 4‑H’er to be recognized on a national level.A greater honor than the award itself was to be able to network with everyone at the events during Grow True Leaders Week. Meeting with new 4‑H’ers, especially from different areas and walks of life, is always a pleasure.

Speaking at the Grow True Leaders Youth Rally was yet another way for me to inspire youth to reach higher. Immediately after the rally, fellow 4‑H’ers shared their STEM experiences with me. I am blessed, through 4‑H, with the ability to connect with other youth that share a passion and vision for a better world.

At the 4‑H Legacy Awards and other in-person meetings, the opportunity to interact with global businesses and 4‑H leaders was truly immense. Building my network with people who have a vision to improve the future and the tools and drive to do so will be valuable to both my personal future, and the future of my community and 4‑H clubs back home. Our partnership with HughesNet looks to be promising for promoting meaningful awareness, respect, and knowledge of STEM fields amongst youth.

I look forward to inspiring youth to get their hands on projects so they can learn meaningful skills for their future. If you don’t know about something, don’t be scared. Try it, and learn it.