Why Youth Turn to “Text, Talk, Act” for Peer Emotional Support

By Bryanne Sanchez December 14, 2017

Without struggles, one would not be able to distinguish the good times from the bad. Everyone’s had a rough day. A rough week. Perhaps a rough month. It’s never fun to dwell on your problems. In fact, it’s always best to share these trying times with a trusted friend, advisor or 4‑H’er.

Yes, that’s right, a 4‑H’er! You attend meetings with this person; you show your animal next to this person; you even have to wear the same uniform as this person. Through the Text, Talk, Act program, you can communicate and bond with this fellow 4‑H’er in a way you may have never imagined.

It’s simple. Pull out a mobile device and gather a group of two to ten friends. Text the code that Creating Community Solutions (contact this organization for instructions before meeting up with your friends) has provided, and let the mental health discussion begin! Do you need to talk to someone about your relationship with your family? Are you struggling with stress in school? Has your mood been taking a turn for the worse lately? If so, the Text, Talk, Act program is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with fellow 4‑H’ers and learn that you are NEVER alone in these situations.

Last November, I led a small group discussion with my 4‑H peers through Text, Talk, Act. I learned that some of my 4‑H friends were wrestling with some difficult issues in their home and personal lives. I took that to heart and made it a point to ask about my friends’ days from then on out. I wanted them to know that I cared and that I was willing to listen. 4‑H is a family! We all bleed green and white, am I right?!

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