Teen Environmental Impact Survey

Gen Z unites on climate change. Explore the survey results.

About the Survey

Working together with The Harris Poll, National 4-H Council wanted to better understand how teens feel about the environment. Nationally, we surveyed a diverse group of 1,500 teens from 13-19 years old exploring their concerns about — and commitment to — protecting the environment. Our goal was to represent their unique voice and create a conversation about their evolving relationship with the outdoor world.

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In a Divisive World, Gen Z Unites on Climate Change

  • 75% of teens worry about the future of our planet.
  • Teens feel the responsibility of caring for our planet falls on everyone.
  • Teens feel empowered to help solve the problem and make Earth a healthier planet.
  • More than 80% feel the responsibility of the planet falls on everyone and demand that corporations and the government do more.
  • Teens feel keeping the Earth healthy and protecting the environment is a bigger priority than economic growth.
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4-H Puts a Focus on Action and Innovation

  • 4-H challenges young people to both understand the problem and to look for solutions.
  • 4-H empowers youth for today and a lifetime, giving them the skills they need to create opportunities.
  • 4-H educators throughout the Cooperative Extension System utilize the cutting-edge research of America’s land-grant universities to provide hands-on learning experiences
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Help 4-H Provide #Opportunity4All Kids