2021 Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteers

Gloria Miller Headshot

National Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer and Southeast Region

Gloria Miller

Gloria Miller embodies the true spirit of 4‑H: generous, hard-working, dedicated, relevant, and inspirational. For the pure, humble joy of giving and helping others, Gloria began her career as a 4‑H volunteer with an open heart and an open mind, accepting and serving in all...

Daniel Landherr Headshot

North Central Region

Daniel Landherr

Dan Landheer has been involved with 4‑H since he was a youth. Now as an adult 4‑H leader, he is passionate about supporting quality educational experiences for all youth in Minnesota. Dan has been a critical leader in growing exceptional science, technology, engineering, and math...

June Zoppa Headshot

Northeast Region

June Zoppa

Through her 45 years of volunteer service, June Riordan Zoppa has been a positive and integral part of the 4‑H community in Hartford County, Connecticut. June serves or has served simultaneously on the Hartford County 4‑H Advisory Board, Hartford County 4‑H Fair Association, the Hartford...

Len Humphries Headshot

West Region

Len Humphries

Many years ago, Len Humphries started a small afterschool shooting club with only a few members. Today it has grown to over 50 members and seven certified instructors. Len spends countless hours helping youth become better marksmen in a safe, inclusive environment where they can...

2021 Regional Volunteers of the Year

Ruth Wold Headshot

National Volunteer of the Year and West Region

Ruth Wold

As the Mescalero 4‑H club leader, Ruth Wold revived a struggling program while bringing together a diverse, underserved group of local youth and adult leaders. Capitalizing on her involvement in the community, Ruth consistently engages new youth and leaders from all walks of life, fostering...

Clark Gafke Headshot

North Central Region

Clark Gafke

For the past eight years, Clark Gafke has served as a Missouri 4‑H volunteer. In that short amount of time, he has made a huge impact on the lives of countless youth through starting and sustaining 4‑H project groups, clubs, a statewide 4‑H K-9 Camp,...

Rachel Manzerr Headshot

Northeast Region

Rachael Manzer

In 2015, Rachael Manzer saw an opportunity to engage youth in 4‑H projects that were unique to the community, creating one of only two 4‑H VEX Robotics Programs on the East Coast. Knowing that there was no large industry nearby to support a STEM program,...

Jessica Parker Headshot

Southeast Region

Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker works tirelessly to ensure her clubs are a safe space for all. Through creating an inclusive environment, her programs inspire youth to adopt a welcoming attitude, and as a result, her youth learn to appreciate the diversity of all people. Members of Jessica’s...

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