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In 2020, eight honorees will be selected. One volunteer will be selected from each Cooperative Extension Region (Northeast, South, North Central, West) in each of two categories. Download the instructions to learn more about the nomination process, or click Apply Now below to begin your nomination.


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2019 Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteers

4-H Volunteer Becky Daily

North Central Region

Becky Daily

For more than 25 years, Becky Daily has been involved in the Hendricks County 4‑H Program in Indiana. Becky understands the importance of having a club that is inclusive and welcoming to all. Due to this, the Discovery Club was established. Becky saw an opportunity...

4-H Volunteer Barbara Confer Franck

Northeast Region

Barbara Confer-Franck

For the past 14 years, Barbara Confer-Franck has been a leader in Union County, Pennsylvania and currently is the organizational leader of the county’s largest club. Barbara is a certified 4‑H Archery instructor and leads the Archery project during camp week. She is also the...

4-H Volunteer Vivian Johnson

Southeast Region

Vivian Johnson

For 24 years, Vivian Johnson has served as a 4‑H Middle Manager volunteer in Sumter County, South Carolina. She serves as an organizational leader for the Sumter County 4‑H Cooking School, 4‑H Sewing School, the Creative Crafts workshop and the 4‑H Sumter County Junior Master...

2019 Regional Volunteers of the Year

4-H Volunteer Cisco Damons

Southern Region

Cisco Damons

For the past 9 years, Cisco has dedicated his time and leadership to Georgia’s youth. He serves as a leader at almost every Gwinnett County 4‑H event. Collectively serving 1,520 hours over 19 weeks of camp, he has chaperoned Cloverleaf, Senior, and Junior Camps for...

4-H Volunteer Amy West

Northeast Region

Amy West

Amy West has been involved in 4‑H for her entire life. Growing up as a Sussex County 4‑H member, she was very active at the local, county and state levels. She participated in a variety of projects and activities which helped her to become a...

4-H Volunteer Shannon Weber

North Central Region

Shannon Weber

Joining the 4‑H at the age of 7, Shannon grew up recited the 4‑H pledge believing in her strengths and impact she could make in the world. She truly embodies the 4‑H values and lives her like in a way that positively impacts others. She...