2020 Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteers

Julie Hassebroek 2020 North Central Regional Volunteer of the Year

North Central Region

Julie Hassebroek

Since 2013, Julie Hassebroek has been involved in the Sargent County 4‑H program in North Dakota. Her specialty is 4‑H Hippology and other competitive horse events. Through the interest that 4‑H youth have in horse and hippology events, Julie teaches youth critical life skills such...

Stephen Gustafson 2020 Northeast Central Regional Volunteer of the Year

Northeast Region

Stephen Gustafson

Since 2011, Stephen “Steve” Gustafson has been the leader of the Paca Pals 4‑H Club in Tolland County, Connecticut. The Paca Pals 4‑H Club is the culmination of a vision Steve had of a 4‑H Club where kids could learn and have fun while learning...

Tammy Mong 2020 Southeast Regional Volunteer of the Year

Southeast Region

Tammy Mong

Tammy Mong has been an “agent of change” and servant leader within Louisiana 4‑H and Sabine Parish 4‑H for the past seven years. Using her knowledge of Toledo Bend and its resources, Tammy has single-handedly raised the Sabine Parish Fishing Club off the ground and...

2020 Regional Volunteers of the Year

Cathy Dobos 2020 Northeast Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

Northeast Region

Cathy Dobos

For the past 27 years, Cathy Dobos has been a long-time volunteer for the Lucky Clovers 4‑H Club in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her skills, talents and dedication to youth have transformed a suburban 4‑H club into a model of organization and success that has only...

Christina Heidrich 2020 North Central Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

North Central Region

Christina Heidrich

Since 2007, Christina “Tina” Heidrich has been a leader in her Kendall County 4‑H Club in Illinois. Her fresh perspective and enthusiasm for innovation has brought new partners and ideas to her club’s programs. For the past 13 years, Tina and her family have supported...

Melvina Carlan 2020 Southeast Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

Southeast Region

Melvina Carlan

For over 50 years, Melvina Carlan has been a member of Pickens County 4‑H in Georgia. Melvina has been a 4‑H leader for literal decades and has far out-served any faculty or staff still tenured. She has stood the test of time and has a...

Cindy Grooms 2020 West Regional Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

West Region

Cindy Grooms

A lifelong 4‑H’er, Cindy Grooms has been a member of the Dona Ana County 4‑H Club in New Mexico for the past 50 years. She has been the leader for the Taylor Road Turkey’s 4‑H Club for 25 years and the leader of the military...