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Our Vision and Mission

Despite the turbulent times we find ourselves in, our central purpose is unchanged. National 4-H Council remains dedicated to a future in which millions more young people are engaged in Cooperative Extension’s high quality 4-H youth development programs, and where 4-H youth, volunteers and staff are representative of the diversity of our nation.

National 4-H Council’s mission

To expand opportunities for all of America’s youth through increased investment and participation in 4-H positive youth development.

Who we serve and how:

National 4‑H Council (Council) is the private sector, non-profit partner of Cooperative Extension (Extension) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 4‑H programs are implemented by the nation’s 100+ land-grant colleges and universities through Extension and its 3,000+ local offices across the country. Council supports Extension’s goal to reach millions more young people in three unique ways:

  • Convene the 4 H movement: Stimulate collective action on the nation’s most pressing issues.
  • Tell the 4 H Story: Leverage the power of trusted brand partners and 4 H alumni to elevate the visibility of 4 H.
  • Create Public-Private Partnerships: Generate financial resources to create opportunities for all youth.


Strategic Plans

4-H FY 2019-2021 Strategic Plan
4-H FY 2019-2021 Strategic Plan
4-H FY 2016-2018 Strategic Plan
4-H FY 2016-2018 Strategic Plan
4-H FY 2021-2023 Strategic Plan
4-H FY 2021-2023 Strategic Plan