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4‑H is a community for all kids with programs that suit a variety of backgrounds, interests, budgets and schedules. Whether CLOVER, in-school or after-school, in clubs or at camps, 4‑H’s positive youth development programs are available in your local community and welcome children who want to have fun, learn and grow.


Cost & time commitment

Getting involved with 4‑H is easy and costs are kept to a minimum. Unlike other youth organizations, 4‑H doesn’t require a uniform and there are no national fees. Children select their 4‑H education project so they can choose one that works well within a family’s budget.

4‑H programs and clubs typically meet once per week or once per month and are available for kids and teens ages 9-18. 4‑H Cloverbud programs are available for kids ages 5-8.

Your local 4‑H office will help you find the right program for your child and provide you with meeting locations, time commitment and program details.

Ways to participate

At home

CLOVER provides critical learning resources for kids and teens all year long.

Receive hands-on, educational activities, including our latest 4‑H activity guides to help inspire young people to do, learn, and grow.


School programs

4‑H after-school and in-school programs provide a positive environment and hands-on activities using 4‑H curriculum. 4‑H programs are available in grade schools and high schools.

4‑H clubs

4‑H clubs follow a planned program and offer learning opportunities for youth that are self-directed. Clubs can meet in a variety of locations, including virtually, and typically meet in the evenings and on the weekends.


4‑H camps

4‑H overnight and day camps offer recreational and educational opportunities in a camp setting. 4‑H camps provide youth with the chance to meet new people, have fun and experience the great outdoors.