What is 4-H?

4-H empowers over six million kids with the skills to lead for a lifetime.
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Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.

Thank you for your interest in CLOVER! CLOVER by 4-H creates opportunity for all youth with curriculum from over 100 Universities, interactive hands-on learning activities, and the supportive 4-H community – available anytime, anywhere – helping young people discover their passions and build the life skills to thrive.

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4-H at Home Activity Guide

STEM, Crafting, & More | Grades Pre-K-12

These activities to help teach skills in STEM, healthy living, and civic engagement!


Explore Food Systems

Agriculture, Civic Engagement | Grades: 6-12

Learn how food gets to your table, and the impact modern food production.


Gardening at Home

STEM, Gardening | Grades: 3-8

Learn how easy and fun it is to grow your own plants and herbs at home.


Get Ready to Pay for College

College Readiness | Grades 9-12

Learn how to make smart decisions about college expenses.


Emotional Wellness

Mindfulness, Healthy Living | Grades: 6-12

Learn healthy ways to understand and express your emotions.


Grow & Make Your Own Food

Food Security, Agriculture | Grades: Pre-K-12

Grow your own fruits and vegetables, and make butter, cheese and bread.


Health Rocks!®

Healthy Living | Grades 6-12

Teach teens to need to make smart decisions about their health and safety.


Make Healthy Food Choices

Healthy Living | Grades: K-5

Learn how easy it is to eat foods that are delicious, and good for your body.


Healthy Living Guide

Healthy Living & More | Grades Pre-K-12

Download 30 fun, hands-on activities to help your kids live a healthy lifestyle.


Holiday Activity Guide

STEM, Cooking and More | Grades 1-12

Fizzing snow, cookie science, and a pillow that can make your dreams come true.


Inspire Kids to Do

Crafting, STEM & More | Grades Pre-K-12

Download 60 activities to help your kid learn skills in STEM, healthy living, and more.


The Power of Mindfulness

Healthy Living, Mindfulness | Grades 6-12

Understand positive mental health with social and emotional learning.



STEM, Animal Science, & More | Pre-K-10

Learn more about pollinators as you make simple and fun crafts at home.


The Nurturing Power of Nature

STEM, Biology, Gardening | Grades: Pre-K-5

Learn how nature is working all around you, all the time.


Veterinary Science: Stopping Sickness

Animal Science | Grades 6-8

Learn some of the ways that people can help animals stay healthy.


Beef Cattle Nutrition

Animal Science, Biology | Grades: 3-8

Cows give a lot to humans. Learn what goes into taking care of them.


Heartland Bees

Life Science, STEM & More | Grades: 2-8

Learn how important pollinators helps us and the many different kinds of bees.