Introducing Science Matters

For more than 100 years, Bayer and 4‑H have instilled the importance of science in life and career. Together, we have created the Science Matters program – a program designed to equip at least 25,000 students with the tools they need to deepen their understanding of science. Science Matters addresses the need for enhanced STEM education and growing a STEM workforce by fostering a love of scientific exploration in students across urban and rural areas around the country.

Inspiring Tomorrow's Science Leaders

The Science Matters program focuses on three pillars.

  1. Science for Today – Investing in both rural and urban youth through curriculum for hands-on activities that will broaden their perspectives about science and agriculture.
  2. Science for Tomorrow – Investing in the future of agri-science industries by empowering youth to further their skills development and pursuit of agri-science careers.
  3. Science for a Generation – Investing in the communities Bayer serves by empowering youth and engaging employees to lead initiatives that set up holistic, long-term solutions for community problems.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Congratulations to our Why Science Matters to Me Photo Contest winners!

We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest and commend you for your compelling and thoughtful submissions. You are an inspiration and your dedication to STEM today will surely make you true leaders tomorrow.

Photo Contest Grand Prize Winners

Your Animals

Abbegail K.

What is it that gives farmers the knowledge to test cows for A2 milk, perform embryo transfers, and provide cows with a total mixed ration (TMR) that will help produce one of the world’s superfoods at a large quantity? The answer is SCIENCE!

Science matters...

The Food You Eat

Makenna W.

The Agri-Science of today will affect our tomorrow. Sustainable agriculture in a changing world is important to me. I believe we need to use science in balance with conservation and agriculture to provide enough healthy food for the world.
With improving technologies based on...

The Food You Eat

Rachel B.

There are few reasons why I, or anybody for that matter, would go take a picture in a farm field holding dirt in their hands. Not exactly a tumblr picture:) But to explain why science, agriculture in particular, is important to me because of the...

Honorable Mentions

Your Animals

Alex M.

Science is the heart of everything. Without science, mankind would cease to exist. Science and technology must always adjust to the demands of the modern world. Having raised livestock for the past 7 years, science has helped me to provide the care necessary to keep...

The Food You Eat

Alicia B.

Science matters to me because I am part of the next generation of agricultural scientists who will have the responsibility of finding new ways to produce enough food for an ever enlarging world population. I will be at the forefront of the scientific research that...

Your Health

Angel B.

Science matters to me, because it is the main reason why we are able to have such comfortable lives. Knowing that scientists are continuously, working to make new medical advances, as someone who has a pre-existing medical condition, allows me to be excited about science....

Your Animals

Brooke M.

To me, science is not just something that we use for just research. It is a way to expand our knowledge, teach others, and grow as a society. Agriscience was one of the leading factors that have made me who I am, and is shaping...

The Food You Eat

Emily F.

To me, science is everywhere. It is in the air we breathe, and the food we eat. Science has helped create a better world to live in. People are healthier because of the advances made in medicine and the world is more connected because of...

Your Animals

Juliette M.

Science matters to me because it helps improve the lives of animals and humans. I first learned about Animal Prosthetics when I was 9 years old and watched a show called my Bionic Pet and immediately wanted to learn more. That following summer my brother...

Your Health

Tegan B.

Science matters to me because it allows us discover more about the environment and our natural resources, especially our water and air, as the world’s population continues to grow. After learning by doing electricity and robotics 4‑H projects, I became interested in measuring air quality....

Bayer in the News

About 26 million science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related jobs go unfulfilled each year. Many students lose interest in these subjects as they enter middle school, and this year Bayer teamed up with 4‑H to promote student interest in these subjects.

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Bayer and the National 4‑H Council are collaborating to inspire 4‑H youth to pursue careers in science and ultimately shape the future of agriculture, food and health.

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A new effort to grow the pipeline of tomorrow’s innovators was announced last week at the Farm Progress Show. Bayer and 4‑H are launching a program called Science Matters. This will put Bayer scientists and researchers in touch with local 4‑H programs to create a hands-on experience for high school and elementary students. (VIDEO)

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Bayer and National 4‑H Council amplified their commitment to the future of our rapidly expanding global population by launching a new effort to grow the pipeline of tomorrow’s innovators. The two organizations announced a nationwide collaboration, Science Matters, which will address the need for an enhanced STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workforce by planting a love of scientific exploration in thousands of youth in urban and rural areas across the country.

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