In 4‑H, you’ve developed your passion. You’ve found your purpose. You’ve inspired others – and now you’re moving forward. Share how 4‑H propelled you to change your community and you could earn a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4‑H Council’s Legacy Awards!

The 2021 4‑H Youth in Action application is now open! 

Learn more about the 2020 4‑H Youth in Action Pillar Winners and Finalists here.


2021 4‑H Youth in Action Awards

The 4‑H Youth in Action Program recognizes four confident young leaders with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives in our core pillar areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM.

Each Pillar Winner will experience an exciting year of telling their 4‑H story and celebrating their leadership. Winners receive:

  • $5,000 higher education scholarship
  • Promotional video showcasing their 4‑H impact story
  • All-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4‑H Council’s Legacy Awards
  • Networking opportunities with 4‑H celebrities and other prominent alumni
  • Recognition as the official 4‑H youth spokesperson for their pillar

One Pillar Winner will be selected as the 4‑H Youth in Action National Award Winner and will receive an additional higher education scholarship.

4‑H is proud to share the diverse stories and unique perspectives of 4‑H’ers who are leaders in their communities. 4‑H Youth in Action Award winners comes from every corner of America and are impacting their local communities in astounding ways. Check out 4‑H Youth in Action Award winners and finalists below!

2020 Winners

4-H Youth in Action Winner Janya Green

Janya Green


Growing up on her family’s farm, Janya Green knows first-hand about agriculture and the challenges America’s farmers face.  Her interest in agriculture channeled into a passion for service when she met Sam, her 4‑H mentor, who not only exposed her to a budding community garden...

4-H Youth in Action Winner Breanna Burkhead

Breanna Burkhead

Civic Engagement

Breanna Burkhead became passionate about art through the 4‑H Art Club at her local art center. But when the art council lost use of the art center building, the future of art in the community was in jeopardy. When Breanna heard a public meeting would...

4-H Youth in Action Winner Micah Palacios

Micah Palacios

Healthy Living

At just nine years old, Micah Palacios was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that attacked her hair follicles. Before her 10th birthday, she lost 75% of her hair and, most importantly, lost her self-confidence, leading to anxiety and depression. But the older 4‑H’ers...

4-H Youth in Action Winner, Joseph Huff

Joseph Huff


Joseph Huff became passionate about helping people in need as he watched his father, a stroke survivor, struggle to use his stroke-affected right hand. As that passion was growing, Joseph began to get involved in 3D printing through 4‑H. Little did he know, these two...

2020 Finalists

Reagan Stephens, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Reagan Stephens


Reagan Stephens is passionate about cultivating self-confidence in youth. She knows first-hand about bullying in middle school, so she now teaches kindness, resilience, self-respect and respect for others through her program, “Ride with Reagan”. At her riding lessons and 4‑H horse camp, she teaches younger...

Shannon Hale, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Shannon Hale


Though difficult life circumstances could have made Shannon Hale the victim in her story, diving into the world of 4‑H transformed her from victim to changemaker. As a child, she couldn’t always speak up for herself but armed with her 4‑H experiences, Shannon now seeks...

Sara Gardner, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Sara Gardner

Civic Engagement

When she was eight years old, a group of veterans opened Sara Gardner’s eyes to the importance of civic engagement as they taught her about flag etiquette at her local 4‑H meeting. That meeting, combined with the skills she gained in 4‑H, sparked a passion for veterans’ affairs that...

Mayyadah Zagelow, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Mayyadah Zagelow

Civic Engagement

At a young age, Mayyadah Zagelow struggled with anxiety and selective mutism, unable to express her thoughts at school and in other environments. Combined with bullying at school by those she had once considered friends, Mayyadah felt isolated and betrayed. That’s when she joined 4‑H,...

Madelyn Smith, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Madelyn Smith

Healthy Living

When confronted with the reality that a 13-year-old – just like her brother – had passed away from vaping, Madelyn Smith realized that just one destructive decision could have devastating consequences. As an Ohio 4‑H Healthy Living Advocate, she realized she had the platform and...

Mia Mitchell, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Mia Mitchell

Healthy Living

When she was prescribed opioids after a surgery at age 12, Mia Mitchell was thankful her parents helped her use the medicine correctly. She didn’t fully understand then how a helpful medicine could lead to the deaths of hundreds of young people each year. When...

Aja Capel


From a young age, Aja Capel has been a hands-on, out-of-the-box thinker and learner. Her learning differences made classroom life difficult, and it seemed that every door was closing to her desires to learn. But when she met her local 4‑H STEM leader, Aja finally...

Lavendar Harris, 2020 Youth In Action Finalist

Lavendar Harris


It wasn’t until Lavendar Harris got involved in her community through 4‑H that she saw a great lack of diversity in educational opportunities. While she had been heavily exposed to opportunities in STEM through her homeschool curriculum, she realized that many youth – especially underrepresented...

2019 Award Recipients

Clyde Van Dyke

STEM & National Winner

Mason McClintock

Civic Engagement


Addy Battel


Elisabeth Watkins

Healthy Living

2018 Award Recipients

Cassandra Ivie

National Youth in Action Award and STEM Pillar

Serena Woodard

Agriculture Pillar


Kyra-Lee Harry

Civic Engagement Pillar

Sophia Rodriguez

Healthy Living Pillar

2017 Award Recipients

Amelia Day

National Youth in Action Award and Civic Engagement Pillar

Samuel Sugarman

Agriculture Pillar


Bryanne Sanchez

Healthy Living Pillar

Ava Lonneman

STEM Pillar