Every 4‑H’er has a story, and those stories are worth telling! Sharing your 4‑H story could earn you a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4‑H Council’s Legacy Awards!

The 2020 4‑H Youth in Action application is now closed. 

Learn more about the 2019 4‑H Youth in Action Pillar Winners here!


2020 4‑H Youth in Action Awards

The 4‑H Youth in Action Program recognizes four confident young leaders with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives in our core pillar areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM.

Each Pillar Winner will experience an exciting year of telling their 4‑H story and celebrating their leadership. Winners receive:

  • $5,000 higher education scholarship
  • Promotional video showcasing their 4‑H impact story
  • All-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4‑H Council’s Legacy Awards
  • Networking opportunities with 4‑H celebrities and other prominent alumni
  • Recognition as the official 4‑H youth spokesperson for their pillar

One Pillar Winner will be selected as the 4‑H Youth in Action National Award Winner and will receive an additional higher education scholarship.

Youth in Action Timeline


Application opens August 1.

Apply by October 21 at 4‑H.org/YouthInAction


4‑H will select three finalists for each pillar in early November.

Finalists will participate in a 1:1 interview between November 13-20.


4‑H will select pillar winners mid-December.

Winners will celebrate and join 4‑H at the annual Legacy Awards in March 2020!


Check out the resources below to help prepare your 4‑H Youth in Action Award application.

Youth in Action Guidelines


Youth in Action Toolkit

Visit Online

Webinar: 4‑H Professionals and Volunteers

Are you a 4‑H professional or volunteer who wants to help 4‑H’ers in your community take advantage of an exciting recognition opportunity? Tune in to this webinar to learn all about the Youth in Action Awards program and application process. This training provide an overview of the program, along with tips and tricks on how to help 4‑H’ers submit a successful application and ways you can promote the Youth in Action Awards to your local 4‑H community.


Watch the Recording

Webinar: Youth Applicants

Are you a current 4‑H’er or 4‑H alum between the ages of 14 and 19 years old? Do you have a unique story to tell? Watch this webinar to learn all about the 4‑H Youth in Action Awards program. Participants will hear from previous winners about their experiences with the program and will walk away with tangible tips on how to submit a winning application. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to Washington D.C.!


Watch the Recording

4‑H is proud to share the diverse stories and unique perspectives of 4‑H’ers who are leaders in their communities. 4‑H Youth in Action Award winners comes from every corner of America and are impacting their local communities in astounding ways. Check out past 4‑H Youth in Action Award winners below!

2019 Pillar Winners

Clyde Van Dyke 2019 4-H Youth In Action Awards National Winner

Clyde Van Dyke

STEM & National Winner

Johnson City, New York

Clyde Van Dyke was told at a young age that he likely would not graduate from high school or ever be successful. Facing many challenges, he didn’t have the support he needed and lacked the confidence to get out of his...

Addy Battel, 2019 Youth in Action Agriculture Pillar Winner

Addy Battel


Cass City, Michigan

Whether she is teaching youth with special needs to care for farm animals or fighting hunger in her hometown, Addy Battel demonstrates the leadership skills she gained in 4‑H through her passion for empowering youth to be the change they want to...

Mason McClintock, 2019 Youth In Action Civic Engagement Pillar Winner

Mason McClintock

Civic Engagement

Alma, Georgia

From his retro sense of style to his effervescent personality, Mason McClintock always felt different from others his age. Then, 4‑H came into the picture, and became an outlet for him to be himself, feel encouraged by his peers and adults and find...

Elisabeth Watkins, 2019 Youth in Action Healthy Living Pillar Winner

Elisabeth Watkins

Healthy Living

Linden, California

Elisabeth Watkins, a California 4‑H’er, became passionate about healthy living during elementary school. After facing health challenges that forced her to stop competitive gymnastics, she found her purpose and her passion in 4‑H cooking projects. As she learned more about nutrition, living a...

2019 Finalists

Rose Fiorenza


Brawley, California

As a young girl, Rose Fiorenza was painfully shy, afraid to even make eye contact with others. That all changed when 4‑H gave her the confidence and platform to be a leader. A little over four years ago, Rose and a team of...

Ashley Jordan


San Jose, California

Within the span of one year, Ashley Jordan’s life turned upside down when she lost her home to a fire and both her great-grandma and grandma passed away. For most ten-year-olds, these losses would be devastating. But through 4‑H, Ashley found an...

Beth Armstrong

Civic Engagement

Tuttle, Oklahoma

At nine years old, Beth Armstrong’s family moved to the largest city in Oklahoma with no public library. Using the leadership skills she gained in 4‑H, she had the confidence she needed to join with a group of citizens who were determined to...

Kamilah Valentin Diaz

Civic Engagement

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kamilah Valentin Diaz is a third generation 4‑H’er with a passion for 4‑H and cultural diversity. As a native of Puerto Rico, she watched her abuelo (grandpa) work for 4‑H through the University of Puerto Rico and saw her mom follow in his...

Pearl Daskam

Healthy Living

Ubly, Michigan

For Pearl Daskam, 4‑H has been a constant source of growth, achievement, challenges and pride. After realizing that her local food bank only provided beans and peanut butter for protein, Pearl worked with a team of 4‑H’ers to develop Meating the Need for...

Casey Lay

Healthy Living

Helotes, Texas

As a third grader, Casey Lay had been in speech therapy for several years when she joined 4‑H. What started as an outlet to meet others and improve her speaking skills turned into a passion for public speaking, food and nutrition and the...

Ruhika Lankalapalli


Sanford, Florida

The 4‑H program exposed Ruhika Lankalapalli to the world of robotics, and she’s never looked back. As an advocate for STEM, Ruhika has worked to expose more youth to robotics and to demonstrate to industry leaders the significance of partnership between STEM education...

Isabella Wabindato


Ashland, Wisconsin

When Isabella Wabindato moved from a dairy farm in central Wisconsin to her Indian Reservation, she hoped to quickly get back involved in 4‑H to make new friends. She soon learned, though, that although her county was about 25 percent Native American, almost...

2019 Award Recipients

Clyde Van Dyke

STEM & National Winner

Mason McClintock

Civic Engagement


Addy Battel


Elisabeth Watkins

Healthy Living

2018 Award Recipients

Cassandra Ivie

National Youth in Action Award and STEM Pillar

Serena Woodard

Agriculture Pillar


Kyra-Lee Harry

Civic Engagement Pillar

Sophia Rodriguez

Healthy Living Pillar

2017 Award Recipients

Amelia Day

National Youth in Action Award and Civic Engagement Pillar

Samuel Sugarman

Agriculture Pillar


Bryanne Sanchez

Healthy Living Pillar

Ava Lonneman

STEM Pillar