Featured Partner - UnitedHealthcare

Since 2011, UnitedHealthcare and 4‑H have partnered together to deliver healthy living programs to more than 340,000 youth and their families in 14 states. Nearly 16 million children live in households that are food insecure, meaning they don’t have consistent access to food throughout the year. 4‑H Food Smart Families creates more food secure homes by teaching families how to shop for and cook nutritious meals on a budget.

Program Areas

Health, Nutrition & Fitness

4‑H health, nutrition, and fitness programs help youth understand the importance of eating right, physical fitness, being active and practicing good hygiene. Mastering these basic health principles place young people on the right track to managing their long-term health.

Social and Emotional Well-Being

4‑H’s Health Living programs provide youth with a better understanding on how their choices can help themselves and their families. These programs include alcohol, tobacco and drug use prevention, bullying prevention and encouraging good decision-making skills.