Program Areas

Mind: Social and Emotional Well-Being 

4‑H’s Healthy Living programs provide youth with a better understanding on how their choices can help themselves, their families, and their communities. These programs include alcohol, tobacco and drug use preventionbullying prevention and encouraging good decision-making skills.  Social-emotional health is cornerstone to confident, caring young leaders who understand how to take care of their minds and inner being as key to holistic well-being.

Body: Health, Nutrition, Safety & Fitness

4‑H health, nutrition, safety and fitness programs help youth understand the importance of eating right, physical fitness, and being active within a safe environment. Mastering these basic health principles places young people on the right track to developing healthy habits now as well as managing their long-term health.

Teen Mentorship & Leadership 

4‑H Healthy Living programs empower youth to be teachers in their communities by growing their leadership skills and building healthy communities. Teens as Teachers is an experiential learning model delivering research-based information (nutrition, physical activities, gardening, etc.), sharing ideas with adult partners, and applying skills and knowledge to initiate changed behaviors.