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Utah 4-H'er, Dani Jo Thatcher presents information about the opioid crisis

Battling the Opioid Crisis

Dani Jo Thatcher, Elmo, Utah

Dani Jo’s personal mission is to encourage all residents in her hometown to clean out their medicine cabinets. Dani Jo is from Emery County, Utah, a rural area that has been heavily affected by the opioid crisis. She has been...

Utah 4-H'er, Florencia Tellechea leads workshops that address mental health topics

Fighting Mental Health Stigmas

Florencia Tellechea, Davis County, Utah

Florencia has always loved living in Davis County – from the gorgeous landscapes, great people and unique culture, she loves the sense of community. When suicide rates in the county began to increase and mental health became an issue in the...

Michigan 4-H'er, Pearl Daskam recipient of a 2019 Culture of Health Award

Providing Food to a Community in Need

Pearl Daskam, Ubly, Michigan

Pearl Daskam is the co-founder of a project called “Meating” the Need for Our Village. The project is the result of a group of youth realizing a need in their community — a lack of protein options at the local food pantry....


4-H teen Aja Capel

Bringing STEM to Diverse Youth

Aja Capel, Illinois 

Aja’s passion for STEM was ignited through her frustration with the under-represented minority STEM gap. As a result, she started See Me in STEM with a mission to provide exposure, access, and STEM opportunities to under-represented youth. She impacted 122+ youth in...

Clyde Van Dyke 2019 4-H Youth In Action Awards National Winner

Changing Communities through Data Visualization

Clyde Van Dyke
Youth in Action Award National and STEM Pillar Winner

Clyde Van Dyke was told at a young age that he likely would not graduate from high school or ever be successful. Facing many challenges, he didn’t have the support he needed...

West Virginia 4-H'er Decklan Thomas Decklan helps other youth learn computer science

Teaching Youth Valuable Coding Skills

Decklan Thomas, West Virginia

Following the footsteps of three generations of his family in the trucking industry, Decklan, a high schooler in West Virginia, planned on becoming a diesel mechanic. The field was appealing not only because of family tradition, but also because it allowed...

Helping Kids through Coding

Ethan Auyeung, California

At nine years old after playing video games with a friend, Ethan Auyeung discovered Scratch, an introductory coding program that allowed young people to create their own games. Over the next three years, Ethan worked to learn Javascript, Python, C++, and...

Emily in 4-H Microsoft Tech Changemaker program

Growing Online Learning in Rural Areas

Emily, Catoosa County, Georgia

Emily joined the Microsoft Tech Changemakers program when she learned how many people in Georgia still lack broadband access. Emily has always had access to the internet and she grew up learning digital skills from her parents. It was a way...

Cameron in the 4-H Microsoft Tech Changemakers program

Helping Adults Learn Digital Skills

Cameron, Dodge County, Wisconsin

Cameron was inspired to join the Microsoft Tech Changemakers program because of his own trouble accessing the internet at home. With 30% of residents in his community being over age 55 he realized the impact they can have on creating more...

Community & Civic Engagement

Mayyadah Zagelow, founding member of the Equity and Inclusion Teen Taskforce

Fighting for LGBTQ+ and Racial Equity and Inclusion

Mayyadah Zagelow, Washington
True Leaders in Equity Ambassador

Mayyadah Zagelow’s 4‑H experiences connected her with youth from vastly different backgrounds and life experiences from her own. Mayyadah is an advocate who works for social change in 4‑H and her community. She is a senior in...

4-H Alumni Stanley Celestine

Creating Opportunities for Youth

Stanley Celestine, Jr., Louisiana

Stanley Celestine, Jr., is a nationally recognized education reformer, youth development practitioner, and youngest member of the Avoyelles Parish School Board. He is also the founder and executive director of the Forum for Opportunity Youth, a nonprofit that supports young people...

Mariah Canton, 11-year member of California 4-H

Helping Refugees in Their New Communities

Mariah Canton, California
True Leaders in Equity Ambassador

An 11-year member of California 4‑H, Mariah Canton is passionate about education and the positive effect 4‑H can have on communities. While traveling to Greece to work with refugees and teach English, Mariah and her team...

Fighting LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Emma Newell, Ohio

Emma Newell is an Ohio 4‑H alumna, National 4‑H Council Young Alumni Advisory Committee member, and self-proclaimed ally. Emma joined a committee to assist in educating friends, faculty, and staff in 4‑H about the LGBTQ+ community, which led to the creation...


Educating about the Importance of Honey Bees

Jacob Shuman, Ohio
Youth in Action Agriculture Pillar Winner

Jacob Shuman became an advocate for bees through Ohio State University Cooperative Extension after finding out that...

Kansas 4-Hers involved in the Science Matters program

Fighting Food Waste

4‑H Science Matters Team, Johnson County, Kansas

4‑Hers involved in the Science Matters program not only participate in hands-on activities that broaden their perspectives about today’s science and agriculture, but they are also challenged to develop action plans and create long-term solutions for challenges facing...

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