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National 4‑H Council's online grants portal is a one-stop resource, housing a wide variety of funding opportunities and related forms (applications, reports, etc.). Requests for Proposals/Application for Council's grants and awards are only posted on the portal. This system makes learning about and applying for funding opportunities, submitting reports, and receiving information from National 4‑H Council much easier.

Applications for funding are only accepted from 4‑H/Extension professionals and state level Extension 4‑H/Youth Development Program Leaders or LGU Administrator must approve the proposal.

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Grant Proposal Tips

When preparing a proposal, remember to:

  • Thoroughly read the entire RFP before you begin
  • Start preparing the proposal well before the deadline; waiting until the last minute often results in forgotten elements and simple errors that make the submission less likely to be funded
  • Review all program objectives and create a plan that you can implement that clearly addresses the stated objectives
  • Note the project implementation dates to ensure you will be able to meet all reporting and deliverable deadlines
  • Make sure your budget is suitable for accomplishing your plan, accurately reflects the allowable costs to fulfill grant requirements, and has been checked for math errors
  • Ensure that all necessary attachments are included and do not include attachments that are not requested
  • Allow enough time for review by your LGU sponsored programs office, if required.

Don’t forget, your state level Extension 4‑H/Youth Development Program leader or LGU administrator must have time to approve the proposal as well.

Please note that failure to adhere to all requirements may exclude your proposal from consideration for the funding opportunity. Finally, don’t forget that indirect costs are never allowed on Council RFPs or RFAs.

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We Want to Hear from You!

Please take a short survey about your 4-H at Home experience!