Celebrate the 2020 4‑H STEM Challenge by Coding an Insight from Mars!

Insight from Mars

When astronauts travel to space, they communicate every day with mission control about what they see and what they learn. This is your opportunity to imagine that you are the first human explorer on Mars. Think about the things you might discover and the questions your friends or family might ask about your mission.

Code your discovery in Scratch and share your animated story about something exciting you have discovered on the surface of Mars!

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Get Started with Insight from Mars

  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Click “Start Coding” to launch the Insight from Mars starter project on Scratch.
  3. Check out the Mars fact sheet in the YOUTH GUIDE and an EXAMPLE PROJECT for inspiration. If you haven’t purchased a STEM CHALLENGE KIT, you can access the MARS BASE CAMP YOUTH GUIDE, which will be helpful as you complete this online activity.
  4. Use the coding challenges below to tell your story and bring it to life!

Download VIDEO TRANSCRIPT in English and Spanish.

Insight from Mars Coding Challenges

Explore the coding challenges below to bring your project to life as you begin the Insight from Mars starter project on Scratch!

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