Sharing Is Daring.

Imagine a world where you could just be yourself online.

Real life is much more colorful than the curated highlight reels that hit our feeds. That’s why 4-H is putting the social back in social media.

Share your moments of joy and struggle that help define who you really are. If we listen with an open mind, we might discover what makes us all unique is also what makes us more alike than we ever realized.

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How to participate:

Lead by example and create an IG reel that reveals the real you. Open your video with “I wish people knew that…” and speak your truth. Tag @national4h and use the hashtag #WhatIWishPeopleKnew so we can share your message and inspire others to join.

Let’s get honesty trending.

4-H Clubs can get in on this too!

Collaborate with your club and create content with character about what you wish people knew about the 4-H experience. By sharing diverse and insightful stories we can help turn misperceptions into real connections. Don’t forget to tag @national4h so we can amplify your story.

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Thank you to our supporter, The CHS Foundation, for their support in sharing real and diverse stories from young people today.