From April 17 – 19, 2020, the True Leaders in Equity Institute will prepare up to 20 teams to be change agents within the Cooperative Extension System as we work to create more welcoming and inclusive environments. This training and leadership opportunity challenges participants to work together to ideate and champion equity-related projects that will grow 4‑H in their communities.

4‑H believes in youth and adults working together to leverage the strengths that each group brings to their communities and world.

At the Institute, teams will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of key principles and concepts related to equity and inclusion.
  • Identify a particular equity indicator and/or issue to focus on for the next year.
  • Develop their skills and competencies in equity leadership and make connections to people, organizations and tools that can be helpful for their projects.
  • Create an overall framework for their project for the next year and a specific 90-day action plan to implement when they return home.

We’re looking for teams that consist of:

  • 2 passionate youth, ages 15 – 19, who will bring their unique views on equity and inclusion and return home inspired to make change.
  • 1 adult volunteer to act as a mentor, pose questions, and keep the projects moving.
  • 1 extension staff person, appointed by 4‑H program leader/administrator, who will support the team (e.g. specialist, educator, coordinator, etc.).

Travel Expenses

Thanks to generous funders, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, meals and lodging at the National 4‑H Conference Center will be covered for participating teams. National 4‑H Council will also reimburse between $1,000 and $1,500 for travel expenses per team based on regional distance from Chevy Chase, MD. Each team will engage an Extension staff person (e.g. specialist, educator, coordinator, etc.). To demonstrate support for sustaining the work to be developed, this representative’s travel expenses should be provided by the partner institution (e.g. LGU, 4‑H Foundation, Center, etc.).