2020 Youth in Action
Award Winners


2020 Grow True Leaders
Corporate Leadership Award

2020 Virtual 4‑H Legacy Awards

View the 2020 Virtual 4‑H Legacy Awards below to witness inspirational stories about 4‑H youth, partners, and alumni making a difference.

2020 Honorees

Grow True Leaders Corporate Leadership Award

For more than 40 years, Microsoft has empowered people and organizations across the world to achieve more through technology. This mission is showcased by their commitment to closing the digital divide through the Airband Initiative – extending broadband access to millions of Americans living in...

4-H Youth in Action Winner Janya Green

Janya Green

Youth in Action Award Winner, Agriculture - Georgia

Growing up on her family’s farm, Janya Green knows first-hand about agriculture and the challenges America’s farmers face.  Her interest in agriculture channeled into a passion for service when she met Sam, her 4‑H mentor, who not only exposed her to a budding community garden...

4-H Youth in Action Winner Breanna Burkhead

Breanna Burkhead

Youth in Action Winner, Civic Engagement - Kentucky

Breanna Burkhead became passionate about art through the 4‑H Art Club at her local art center. But when the art council lost use of the art center building, the future of art in the community was in jeopardy. When Breanna heard a public meeting would...

4-H Youth in Action Winner Micah Palacios

Micah Palacios

Youth in Action Winner, Healthy Living - Texas

At just nine years old, Micah Palacios was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that attacked her hair follicles. Before her 10th birthday, she lost 75% of her hair and, most importantly, lost her self-confidence, leading to anxiety and depression. But the older 4‑H’ers...

4-H Youth in Action Winner, Joseph Huff

Joseph Huff

Youth in Action Winner, STEM - Utah

Joseph Huff became passionate about helping people in need as he watched his father, a stroke survivor, struggle to use his stroke-affected right hand. As that passion was growing, Joseph began to get involved in 3D printing through 4‑H. Little did he know, these two...