Congratulations to Our Winners!

It takes all of us to help to make sun safety a daily habit. 4‑H and Coppertone® asked you to share your fun, creative ideas to remind yourself – and others – to stay safe in the sun with daily sunscreen use!

Congratulations to our Sun Smarts Challenge winners! We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest and commend you for your compelling and thoughtful submissions.

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Sun Smarts Challenge Winner: Nohla Mehus

Nohla Mehus

Meet Spot the sunscreen dog. When kids use him, they think its a puppy kissing them. Each puppy tongue has sunscreen infused into the wipe. It’s a fast and fun way for kids to apply Coppertone sunscreen.

Olivia Eager

Over the summer of 2016, my 4‑H project for sun safety was to remind kids to wear sunscreen with bracelets that changed colors when it was exposed to UV rays. No kids were sunburned that year at camp, and I’ve since seen the kids wearing...

Matea Gordon

My idea is about making sunscreen application FUN! Kids love fun characters, so I suggest creating a collection of animals that can be placed on top of an aerosol can, so it looks like the sunscreen is spraying out from the character’s mouth or stomach...

Coppertone® wants to Protect What Matters Most – YOU and your skin by empowering young leaders of today to change the way we think about sun protection.

By providing 4‑H’ers with the sun safety tools they need to protect themselves, Coppertone® hopes to help 4‑H’ers and their communities realize the importance of sun safety every day – not just at the beach or pool.

This April, the 4‑H community had the chance to show off their creativity with the Sun Smarts Challenge.

Coppertone® Protect What Matters Most

Ready to help your family stay safe in the sun? Check out our sun resources and activities below.

Sun Smarts for Kids

Show Off Your Sun Smarts!

If you’re a 4‑H’er, you know how great it is to be outdoors. Check out these fun activities to make sure you’re having fun in the sun the right way. And share your Sun Smarts know-how so your friends and family can stay protected too!

Sun Smarts for Parents

Protect What Matters Most – Your Family!

Did you know your kids should be applying a golf ball-sized amount of sunscreen for their entire body? Today’s adolescents and young adults are the fastest growing age group diagnosed with melanoma, so there’s still work to be done.

Get your family on track early with our handy Sun Smarts tip sheet.

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