Smart Cents Program

4‑H and TD Ameritrade are bringing financial empowerment to young people everywhere through the research-backed program “Smart Cents.”

Smart Cents helps young people develop financial skills and healthy habits that have been shown to have a positive long term effect on financial health, including:

  • Learning how to make personal financial plans.
  • Learning goal-setting, impulse control and mindfulness when it comes to financial decisions.
  • Making informed financial decisions that may lead to the accumulation of wealth and increased opportunities.
TD Ameritrade Smart Cents

How Does It Work?

As part of the Smart Cents program, 4‑H educators from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have teamed up with skilled professionals from TD Ameritrade to create a peer reviewed financial literacy playbook, which local educators across the country can use to implement research-backed curricula.

Smart Cents encourages a community-based approach to financial empowerment by bringing together local organizations, schools and informal educators to deliver research-backed programs to young people in underserved communities and their families.