10 Ways to Celebrate National 4-H Week

By _Amaya_Collins_ October 04, 2019

For over 100 years, 4-H has inspired families, shaped careers, and impacted communities. On October 6 through 12, we will celebrate the impact of 4-H during National 4-H Week. Here are some ways you can celebrate 4-H!

Host a 4-H Rally

With permission, host a 4-H rally at a school or community center. It’s a great way to bring the community together to celebrate and show the pride of your local 4-H program

Give Back

Local programs are always looking for resources to continue growing the programs. Help programs like the Flying Squirrels or Green Turtles (not real clubs, by maybe) thrive by making a donation that can help provide supplies to kids in the area.

Wear Your 4-H Gear

Nothing says 4-H pride like a 4-H tee! Dress yourself (or the entire family – pets included!) in 4-H green and 4-H gear, available at Shop 4-H.

Set Up Information Booths

If your local grocery or hardware store allows, set up a table to share information about your local 4-H program. You can display 4-H posters, hand out flyers, or showcase the work of local 4-H’ers.

Shout-Out a 4-H’er

Kids love 4-H. They enjoy the time they spend with 4-H friends, look forward to their next 4-H meeting, and plan all year to show off what they’ve learned. Recognize the hard work and dedication of 4-H’ers by shouting out one or an entire club on social media.

Storefront Displays

In some communities, you can ask local businesses to display 4-H posters. Many may be willing to dedicate their entire storefront to 4-H signs, memorabilia, and décor for the week.

Become a 4-H Volunteer

If you are a 4-H alum, you might be looking for ways to reconnect with 4-H. Consider giving your time to a local 4-H club by becoming a volunteer.

Share Your 4-H Story

Take to social media to share a 4-H memory, express how 4-H shaped who you are today, describe what 4-H means to you, post an old 4-H photo, or shout-out your 4-H club. Use and follow the hashtag #InspireKidstoDo, share your story, or read stories similar to yours.

Have a 4-H Reunion

4-H alumni often credit 4-H for the connections they’ve made, remembering the friends they made and those who they may still keep in touch with today. Gather your old 4-H friends and spend some time together reminiscing on your 4-H experience or recreate your 4-H project together!

Send a 4-H ‘Thank You’

We all have a reason to thank our local 4-H leaders. Whether you grew up in 4-H, you have kids in 4-H, or you’ve witnessed the positive work of 4-H in your community, send a ‘thank you’ note to your local Extension/4-H office to show your appreciation,