4-H Youth in Action: Recognizing Hard Work

By Elisabeth Watkins June 25, 2019

Has anyone ever told you that all of your hard work will pay off in the end? I heard this line several times growing up, never thinking twice about it. I always figured it was some adult way of trying to keep me motivated to stay on track.

When I was recognized as the 2019 4-H Youth in Action Healthy Living Pillar winner, I knew this was the pay-off adults were talking about.

Preparation for the National 4-H Council Legacy Awards started early in the afternoon. With the help of a little hair styling, makeup, and a stand-out dress I felt like a true star. I enjoyed meeting Carla Hall, the emcee of the event. With my strong passion for food, it was a major fan girl moment. During the reception, I met several individuals who have the power to influence and create positive change. The experience was a great way for me to network with possible future employers and specialists in industries I wish to pursue.

For a few days prior to the Legacy Awards, I spent time with members of the National 4-H Youth Advisory Committee. It was my very first time hearing about the group. The 4-H alumni were very impressive individuals who taught me a great deal of information in the short time I spent with them. The group was so diverse, allowing me to hear about 4-H programs in several different states.

Applying for the Youth in Action Award is only a benefit to you. You should be proud of all of your accomplishments and interests 4-H helped you to identify. Put yourself in the spotlight so others can recognize you for your hard work and growth in an area that matters most to you. By sharing your story, you will inspire other 4-H’ers around the nation to reach for the stars and accomplish ventures you never thought possible.


4-H Youth in Action: Recognizing Hard Work
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