4-H Youth in Action: The Most Memorable Moment of My Life

By Clyde Van Dyke April 25, 2019

Since a 4‑H’er from my state and county won the 4‑H Youth in Action Award several years ago, my mentors and peers motivated me to pursue this amazing opportunity to represent 4‑H youth across the country. When I applied for the award, I was hopeful that National 4‑H Council would see all the amazing work that I have done in the field of STEM. After a few months went by, going through the interview and waiting for some time, I found out I was selected from many incredible youth as the HughesNet-sponsored 2019 National 4‑H Youth in Action STEM Pillar Winner. My family was so excited for me to be recognized at such a prestigious level.

Attending the 2019 4‑H Legacy Awards was such an incredible opportunity to see how 4‑H has grown since the beginning of its era. I got to meet such influential role models and hear their 4‑H stories and how 4‑H has impacted them in a positive way. I also got the amazing opportunity to meet the other pillar winners. Addy Battel (Agriculture), Mason McClintock (Civic Engagement), and Elisabeth Watkins (Healthy Living) are not only youth that are catalyzing incredible change in their communities, but also are some of my amazing friends who I get to work with this year!

The trip to DC was amazing and gave me a new perspective on the nation that we live in. I got to learn about the history of the United States, learn how to represent 4‑H through media outlets and just meet some incredible people, like the National 4‑H Youth Advisory Committee. I would tell anyone who is interested in applying to just show your passion and personality. The work you are doing is great; share your personality and show how you stand out from others. I am honored to represent all things 4‑H and promote STEM to youth as well as to promote the mentoring that 4‑H offers, which started my 4‑H career.

4-H Youth in Action: The Most Memorable Moment of My Life
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