CLOVER: DNA, Fruit Batteries and Water Camp

By National 4-H Council June 19, 2020

Kids will discover a passion for STEM with this week’s lessons in DNA, fruit batteries and water! Visit the links to learn more about the activity and check back every Monday for new ideas and hands-on, educational resources for all young people.

Science Bug

Recommend age: Grades Pre-K-5

Courtesy of HughesNet and 2018 4-H Youth in Action winner Cassandra Ivie

Learn about circuits and electricity by making a light-up Science Bug necklace using LEDs!

Get stylish with STEM!

Fizzy Foam Fun

Recommended age: Grades Pre-K-2

Courtesy of The Ohio State University, Ohio 4-H and HughesNet

Learn how chemical reactions are impacted by a catalyst, a material that speeds up reactions but doesn’t react itself! In this activity, youth will create a colorful foam fountain by adding yeast to a chemical reaction.

Start reacting!

Fruit Batteries

Recommended age: Grades Pre-K-2


Did you know that fruit bowls are brimming with electrical potential? Forget about making lemonade – generate home-made electricity instead! This activity teaches kids about the key parts that make a battery work and the chemical reaction that makes it possible!

Have fun with fruit! 

Walking Water

Recommended age: Grades Pre-K-12

Courtesy of Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma 4-H

Learn about capillary action with this fun science experiment using water and food coloring!

Watch water walk! 

4-H Virtual Water Camp

Recommended age: Grades 3-5

Courtesy of Texas A&M, Texas 4-H

Learn all about water and its importance in our everyday lives with this interactive, hands-on, experiment-based virtual camp kids can do at home!

Splash into camp season! 

DNA Extraction Experiment

Recommended age: Grades 3-12

Courtesy of Purdue University, Indiana 4-H

Follow along with this step-by-step video to learn how to extract DNA from simple household items!

Learn about DNA! 

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