CLOVER: Water Bottle Rockets, Bicycles & Embryology

By National 4-H Council May 29, 2020

This week’s activities feature lessons in making water bottle rockets, bicycles and embryology. Visit the links to learn more about the activity and check back every Monday for new ideas and hands-on, educational resources for all young people

Water Bottle Rocket

Recommended age: Grades 3-12

Courtesy of New Mexico State University, New Mexico 4‑H

Get outside with this explosive Rocketry project! Learn how to make a rocket from a plastic bottle, pencils, tape, vinegar, and baking soda. Then watch the rocket shoot to the sky!

Ready, Set, Blast Off!

Bicycle ABC Quick Check

Recommended age: Grades 3-12

Courtesy of Purdue University, Indiana 4‑H

Run through these short steps before every ride to keep your bicycle running properly.

Get Ready to Ride!

Embryology 101

Recommended age: Grades 3-5

Courtesy of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska 4‑H

The Embryology 101 series includes four lessons complete with videos and worksheets allowing youth to explore the life cycle of an embryo and how life develops! Youth will observe the process of incubating and hatching chicks, identify parental traits that influence the appearance of the chicks, and recognize where eggs and chicken meat come from.


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