Courtside Coding with NBA Star Jarrett Allen

By _Amaya_Collins_ March 25, 2019

NBA star Jarrett Allen has a long-standing relationship with 4‑H, sharing his passion for technology with New York 4‑H’ers. In February 2017, the Brooklyn Nets center teamed up with local 4‑H kids during National Engineers Week 2018 to perform the 4‑H National Youth Science Day Challenge, Incredible Wearables. The challenge focused on the technology of building a wearable fitness tracker, an obvious interest for the rising athlete.
Since then, Allen has teamed up with 4‑H to showcase his unique interest in STEM through community outreach events and 2018 4‑H NYSD.
For his second meet-up with 4‑H, Allen performed the Code Your World activity, letting local students code a shot.