Juntos 4-H: Bringing Communities Together

By _Amaya_Collins_ October 13, 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15-October 15, and during this time (and beyond), we have had the opportunity to highlight the programs and partners that make great impacts on Latino youth, families and communities. One program, in particular, is Juntos 4‑H.Juntos 4‑H helps Latino youth (grades 8 – 12) and their families gain the knowledge and skills they need to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. Developed by North Carolina State University in 2007 as “Juntos,” the program became “Juntos 4‑H” in 2015 when the university developed a partnership with National 4‑H Council with financial support from the New York Life Foundation.  New York Life agents and employees are an integral part of the program by serving as mentors and delivering the 4‑H My Financial Future curriculum which teaches youth about financial literacy.Today, with programming expanded to New York City, San Antonio, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, Juntos 4‑H continues to respond to the need to unify community efforts to prevent school dropouts and promote Hispanic youth access to higher education and parental involvement.

It’s very fitting that the translation of the program’s name is ‘together’, as the primary goal of the program is to bring families and communities together. One youth from San Antonio has described Juntos 4‑H as “a place where youth can come together as one.”Another youth has stated that since her family’s involvement in the program, her parents make family-time a priority and work harder to spend more time together.Here’s a great example of how the Juntos 4‑H program brings people and resources together, from Texas 4‑H. WATCH now!

With support from National 4‑H Council and funding from the New York Life Foundation, Juntos 4‑H continues to work towards expanding its reach, providing skills and resources where it’s needed most, educating youth and families, and ultimately, bringing communities together.

Learn more about the Juntos 4‑H program.

Juntos 4-H: Bringing Communities Together