Leadership Resources for a Changing Working Environment

By _Amaya_Collins_ April 09, 2020

Many of us are adjusting to a new normal of remote workdays, virtual meetings, and an adjusted work-life balance. As leaders, it’s our job to provide guidance during this very unpredictable situation. We are responsible for maintaining the trust of employees, developing new business plans, transitioning to remote working, and maintaining consistent and constant communication.Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve searched the web and consulted trusted sources on ways to stay virtually connected while maintaining a positive and realistic outlook on National 4-H Council’s future.Here are some articles I found that have been great resources for me during this sudden shift in our day-to-day work:

What to Do if Your Fundraising Event is Cancelled Due to Coronavirus (MobileCause)

Like National 4-H Council, many other nonprofits have decided to go virtual for their annual fundraising events. If you’re still not sure of the best course of action for your organization, MobileCause offers tips and strategies for making the tough decision to revise or cancel significant revenue-driving events.

5 Strategies to Manage Your Newly Remote Employees (Fast Company)

Teleworking can come as a challenge for organizations with a strong in-office presence. Now that all non-essential organizations and workers are adjusting to telecommuting 100% of the time, here are some tips for managing your remote employees, courtesy of Fast Company.

Coronavirus Advice for Nonprofit Leaders (20 Degrees)

Now may be a particularly trying time for nonprofits as individual and major giving—a significant revenue stream—could slow down significantly. Reevaluating your organization’s priorities can help leaders plan for a decrease in funds over an extended period.

10 Steps to Effective Coronavirus Crisis Leadership (Inc.)

How you communicate within your organization is key to dealing with business disruptions and fast-paced changes. Staying level-headed—for yourself and your team—can help keep your business running during a crisis.

Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak: Resources to Help Nonprofits (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Several online media outlets are gathering tips, tools and other resources to help organizations—big and small—keep a ‘business as usual’ mindset as they navigate through this season of professional isolation. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has compiled online articles, webinars and templates that may be helpful for all organizations during this challenging time.