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We’re proud of the cultural diversity throughout 4-H and are made better because of it. Join us as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and embrace the diversity of multiple origins, cultures, and traditions. UNIDOS, we grow together! #Thisis4H

Juntos 4-H: Bringing Communities Together

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated on September 15-October 15. During this time (and beyond), we highlight the programs and partners that significantly impact Latino youth, families, and communities. One program, in particular, is Juntos 4-H.


Cassey Carrillo Flores

A 4-H member since moving from Puerto Rico at age 10, Cassey loves working with people and discovering common interests. Equally proud of her 4-H community and Puerto Rican heritage, her enthusiasm is contagious and drives her love of volunteering and helping people.

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With wind-swept vistas, grassy hills and wide-open spaces, Matias holds a lifetime of memories of visiting his Abuela on their family farm in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Having travelled there since he was a baby, Matias cherishes his heritage and enjoys exploring the vast countryside via horseback.   

Growing up abroad and with language difficulties, life wasn’t easy for Matias. Feeling like an outsider, he struggled to fit in. Not until he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder did he understand the source of his anxieties. After joining 4-H and winning a science fair ribbon, a spark ignited in him. Opening his eyes to a new world, 4-H provided a place where Matias not only felt welcome but was able to pursue his passion for science.    

As an Illinois 4-H’er and an Agriculture Pillar winner, sponsored by Bayer, Matias has developed and cherishes friendships in 4-H with people from different heritages. He feels they connect through common ideas and projects—helping each other learn and succeed. Grateful for his inclusive experience, Matias believes 4-H is truly his shared community.  

Matias Habib 

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